CPZ, 40% cost rise

A 40% increase in cost of a CPZ permit

The £25 band of CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone) parking permit is to increase by 40% from £25 to £35 for the first permit for each household. This is across the borough of Waltham Forest. It followed a review which found £25 did not cover the cost but an increase to £35 would address this shortfall.

The residents of Highams Park defeated an attempt to introduce a CPZ last August by voting 80% against and 20% in favour in a consultation by the Council. This was the Council’s fifth attempt to introduce such a scheme in Highams Park, since 2001.

The £25 (to be £35) permit covers cars manufactured pre March 2001 with an engine of 900cc to 3ltr or later manufactured with CO2 emissions of 121 to 225 g/km.