Results of consultation on 20mph & humps

The spreadsheet ‘Result_ThreeAreasCombined’ is basically the information that Cllr Clyde Loakes said was attached to his circular to residents. It wasn’t attached. However, the Highams Park Planning Group obtained a copy of the result and put them on-line.

It gave the results for the three areas consulted, Hale End & Highams Park, Larkswood and Valley North. However, the consultation for each area was particular to that area and included maps of there own areas showing the position of the proposed humps.  Each of the three areas the voted on whether they accepted or rejected the Council proposal.

The spreadsheet ‘Result_ThreeAreasCombined’ is basically what the Council provided the only thing that has been done to it is insert the percentage calculation at the end and repeat the column headings at the end.

The fourth column of the spreadsheet gives gives the straight result.  This column is headed “In support”.  The fifth column shows the number of cases where the respondent have voted against the proposal but the Council read through the comments and if the respondent indicated that the would vote in favour if the was fewer or no humps then they were considered as a yes vote.  The ‘adjusted’ total is given in column six and the resulting percentage in column eight.  The column heading being “Total in support of 20mph”.  Which is a fairly accurate description. This is the percentage who were in favour of 20mph but not necessarily of the humps.

This was the figure upon which Cllr Loakes said 54% were in favour and he cut the number of humps by 15% as a token gesture.

The spreadsheet ‘Result_HaleEnd+HighamsParkOnly’ is the same spreadsheet but including only the Hale End and Highams Park results.  It has a couple of columns added at the left hand side, these being a serial number and the zone (HEHP).

This shows that even taking the Council adjusted figures Highams Park voted against the proposal.
The results were presented at the Hale End & Highams Park Community Ward Forum and Cllr Bell confirmed that Highams Park had voted against. He gave a feeble reason for why the Council was still going ahead.  It drew derision from the audience.
The spreadsheets are: ‘Result_ThreeAreasCombined’ and ‘Result_HaleEnd+HighamsParkOnly’